Tucson, Arizona

The State of Arizona is enormous. If you peruse a map of the United States, you will notice that all of New England would fit within the borders of Arizona.

Arizona has every single climate and altitude zone that exist in the world with the exception of the Tropics. The altitude in the Southwest Corner of Arizona, including Yuma, is very close to sea level. Mt. Wrightson, in the Santa Rita Mountains South of Tucson rises to 9100 ft. Humphries Peak near Flagstaff is higher than that and rises above the tree line. The Tucson basin is in the Lower Sonoran Zone and the area rises from that through, High Sonoran to Grassland all the way up to Alpine on the top of Mt. Lemmon.

Arizona's next door neighbor to the South is the State of Sonora, Mexico. Arizona and Sonora share an international border that is approximately 365 miles in length.

Moving clockwise, Arizona's other contiguous neighbors are: California to the West, Nevada to the Northwest, Utah to the North, Colorado (just touching corners) and New Mexico to the East. Did you know that many Americans do not understand that New Mexico is one of the 50 United States and instead think that NEW Mexico is part Mexico the country? That is why their license plates say "New Mexico, USA"!

What to Visit

On a balmy Winter’s recreation day-off in  Tucson, one can choose to swim (outside), play a round of golf (in shirt sleeves) or take the short drive to Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains on Tucson’s North Side and go skiing (when we have been blessed with snow). Tucson has the southernmost ski lodge in the continental United States. One can also take the short drive to Benson, 35 miles to the East, and visit Kartchner Caverns, which rivals Carlsbad in size and WOW factor. If you haven’t yet been there you must visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum on Tucson’s West Side near Saguaro National Park West. The Museum is really a beautiful educational “living zoo,” with exhibits of every animal and plant that can be found within Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. The Museum is a wonderful place to visit often to take the time to just “chill out.” It is an excellent choice to take your guests from out of town to show them what Arizona is all about. Near the Museum is “Old Tucson,” the movie set where many of your favorite movies were filmed as well as the TV series  “The High Chaparral”. If they are filming when you visit you’ll have the extra fun of watching some of that as well.

Education Opportunities

Tucson has a number of fine educational and cultural opportunities. Residents are welcome to take adult education classes at The University of Arizona and also at any of the regional campuses of Pima College, our county Junior College. The Tucson Symphony and Arizona Ballet Company provide excellent “high brow” entertainment and there are various community organizations that give people the opportunity to express their own musical or acting interests as well. Do you like Sports? The U of A has wonderful teams. My fave is the Basketball Team. Our Women’s Softball Team has more NCAA Championships than any other, perhaps with the exception of UCLA. Football, Baseball, Swimming, Track.

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