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Buying horse property in Tucson/ Southern Arizona

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Margo is a long-time horse owner. Many of Margo’s friends and clients are “horse people.”

When preparing to purchase a home in Tucson or greater Southern Arizona, whether you are moving to Tucson or will be moving locally, a decision needs to be made regarding the choice of a home where you can have your horses on the same property where you live or a more conventional home. If the decision is the “conventional home,” then the horses would need to be boarded elsewhere.

If you choose to purchase a “horse property,” you will not be living in the close-in parts of Tucson. The requirements for keeping a horse in Pima County roughly require 10,000 sq. ft. of ground per animal plus certain “setback” requirements which place the animals’ enclosure away from property lines and houses. An acre consists of 43,560 sq. ft., so 4 horses can be kept on an acre. Most properties in Tucson itself are under an acre.

Interestingly, there are still some semi-rural areas within Tucson where there are nice horse properties on several to many acres. Having said that, many very nice horse properties are just outside the Tucson city limits. These can range in size from one acre to 10 or more acres.

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Considering Stables

An additional issue to consider is whether you have the time and desire to perform the upkeep of a larger property and maintain the daily care that horses require. Having older children who adore horses and would love to help is a very good thing, but kids are grown and gone so quickly that this should be a consideration.

How much time do you travel compared to how much of the time you plan to be “home?" If you travel frequently and your horse(s) stay, it might be a better choice to board your horses. Your horses wouldn’t have a change in care when you are away. Horse enjoys Tucson Arizona sun

It may very well be that you would be happier owning a conventional property in which to live while boarding your horses with professionals.

The Tucson area offers

  • full service stables that provide 3 feedings a day, cleaning of stalls and runs several times a day, turn out, blanketing and so forth.
  • no service stables where you may pay a small monthly fee and then have complete care and control of your horse and take care of his daily needs yourself.

Margo doesn’t represent any of the stables and cannot comment on individual businesses, she just wants to make you aware of the choices.

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