National Origin Discrimination

Discrimination directed at people who fall into certain of the protected classes is quite simple to understand:

It is a violation of Fair Housing Rules to refuse service or give different service to people because of their RACE, COLOR (According to Fair Housing, race and color are two different things), RELIGION, SEX and NATIONAL ORIGIN (where the person and his or her ancestors came from). This applies to Real Estate Professionals, Sellers and Landlords.

A word about National Origin

People who are citizens of countries other than The United States of America are absolutely allowed to buy and own real estate in The United States. This includes residential, business, investment and commercial property as well as vacant land. Importantly, this ownership is independent of the owner's immigration status.

Real Estate Professionals are NOT allowed to inquire about, discuss or give advice regarding someone's immigration status. From time to time a situation may arise where a Tucson Real Estate Professional has a qualified person who wants to buy or rent property and that person is in this country illegally. Our job is to find that person the property of their choice, not to give counsel about or even inquire as to immigration status. From time to time, the situation may arise where an individual may wind up owning or leasing a property in the United States which he or she may be unable to occupy because they were required to leave the country. This situation would not be the responsibility of the Tucson Real Estate Professional.


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Tuscon Arizona Real Estate Company complies with all Fair Housing regulations
Complies with all Fair Housing regulations.