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Relocating 'Exotic Pets'

Many states allow private owners to keep wild animals as pets. Texas, as an example, allows people to keep Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh my), alligators, and just about any other large exotic animal you can think of. There are  breeders that mass produce these animals to sell as “pets.”

If you own such animal or multiple such animals and are considering a move to a different state, you absolutely must contact the Fish and Game Department of that state to ascertain whether or not your pet is welcome as a pet in that state. I can tell you unequivocally that it is illegal to keep any sort of wildlife as pets in Arizona unless you have a specific license to do so. Certain animals are not allowed to be brought  into this state at all because if released into the wild they tend to multiply in hoards and squeeze out native wildlife. Those adorable little hedge hogs are on the list. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Coyotes, Mountain Lions and so forth may not be kept as pets in Arizona.

We had a sad case some 20 years ago of a family that had a pet Mountain Lion since it was a cub. It was so tame that it slept on the bed with their kids. It had also been declawed and had its canine teeth removed (Read: it had been mutilated so it could be a “pet.”). The family moved to Arizona with the Mountain Lion only to be told that they could either donate it to an animal sanctuary where it could live as a wild animal or they could move out of state and take it with them.

Arizona Rules

The Fish and Wildlife people here get a little testy (no, a lot testy) with people who find the need to feed wildlife that is really wild. People obviously do this so that the animals will come in close and can be watched and enjoyed. The problem is that the animals lose their fear of people and some become downright aggressive about demanding food or “stealing” food. Especially bears have the tendency to invade campers’ tents while they are sleeping and many people each year are injured by aggressive bears.

So, in Arizona, Please Don’t Feed The Bears (coyotes, mountain lions, birds, javelina), not even Yogi and Boo Boo!

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