Buying a Brand New Home from a Builder

As of Spring 2017, it looks like the Southern Arizona Real Estate Market is on an enormous upswing. New home builders have purchased land and are building once again.

There are pros and cons to having a new home built. The pros, of course, are that everything will be brand new and under warranty. Your new house will have air conditioning, high ceilings and open floor plans. The cons include not living in an established neighborhood with that Tucson Ambience.

A big "con," of which many people are unaware, is that the site sales people who show you the builders' products and who turn themselves inside out trying to get you to sign a contract right then and there work for and represent the builder and do not work in the best interests of buyers.

The Tucson Builder-Broker Code has two very important clauses for your well being:

1. Builders and their agents are prohibited from stating or implying that you will receive a lower price on a house or that you will receive free "upgrades" if you are not represented by a buyers' broker who represents YOUR interests;

2. If you go look at their houses without your buyers' broker, who represents your interests and you "sign in," they don't have to allow your broker to represent your interests should you decide to buy one of their houses.

It is always best to allow us to accompany you to look at new builds. If you decide to purchase one, it won't cost you a nickel more. We know how to get them to perform tricks you never would have imagined!

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Complies with all Fair Housing regulations.