Discrimination Concerns

Did you know that Federal Fair Housing Regulations forbid discrimination against people who belong to certain "protected" classes? These classes are: Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Family Status, Age and Disability/Handicap. Discrimination means refusing service or providing "different" service to someone because of membership in a protected class.

Disabilities or Handicaps

This discussion regards individuals with disabilities or handicaps and Margo's expertise in assisting you. Margo holds a Master of Science (two year) Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from The University of Arizona, 1972. As curriculum, Margo studied every imaginable situation from massive physical trauma (spinal cord injury and paralysis, amputation, burns) to neurological issues such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Distrophy and Deafness and Blindness.

More than any Realtor you will ever meet, Margo is prepared to help you find the perfect property to meet your needs and to find the best contractors and vendors to help you modify your home to make it work the best for you.

Age concerns

"Age" is another of the protected categories. It is not legal to restrict occupancy or ownership of property on either end of the spectrum by people based on their age. Age and "family status" are closely related.

An exception to this is that communities designated "Senior Communities" may, in their founding documents, restrict occupancy to require that one person in the household must be 55 or older, 62 or older or whatever the limit might be. This does not exclude spouses or family members younger, but, in some instances permanent occupancy may be restricted to exclude those under 21 or under 18. Senior Communities notwithstanding, it is unlawful to refuse to rent or sell to families with children or to restrict them to certain areas. It is also unlawful to refuse to rent or sell to persons because of advanced age.

Interestingly, did you know that it is also unlawful for a lender to refuse to extend the financing of a buyer or refinancer's choice due to advanced age? For example, if an individual is qualified in every way for a 30 year loan on a property the lender cannot use his or her age as a reason to decline the loan. This is true even if the person is 95 years old or more.

Margo can help you with all the ins and outs of age or family-related real estate questions. Call today!

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Complies with all Fair Housing regulations.